I recently read Wayne Cordero’s book, Divine Mentor.  It was a simple, quick read with powerful implications.  The gist of his book was that we should all take the time to read our Bibles.  He gave some great points to ponder when discussing the great importance of this time-honored practice of reading our Bibles daily.  My personal favorites were as follows…

1.  Read your Bible – it’s no ordinary book.  Even other Christian books do not truly compare to the inspired (God-breathed) Word of God!  Which is more effective, reading what someone else said the author said, or reading the original?

2.  A Bible reading plan forces us to read that which we ordinarily skip over.  It allows the Holy Spirit to speak to us, rather than opening our Bible to the book we know says what we want at the time.  

3.  A church-wide bible reading plan puts everyone on the same page spiritually.  The church reads together, prays together, and thus, grows together!

Cordero encourages journaling, as well.  Its documentation of what God has done, is doing, and will continue do in our lives!  I believe it gives prime opportunity for God to speak to us when we practice it.  Cordero gives us the acronym, S.O.A.P., it’s awesome…  (I actually added M.A.C. to my journal in honor of my Macbook – and then S.O.A.P.)  

M= (Me) Yes, it’s true, I pray for me!  (Pretty selfish, huh?)

A= (And)  Brandy doesn’t like this one – she feels it lacks any real creativity.  (And), refers to “And the Family”.  Brandy and the lil’ guy are referred to as “(AND)”!

C= (Church)  Need I say more?  I pray for the church!

S= (Scripture)  Pick the one verse that really stood out to to you and let God speak!

O=(Objective)  What was the real objective to the text chosen?

A= (Application)  How do I apply this passage to my own life?  Can I see “me” in the scripture!

P= (Prayer)  I pray the scripture!

I can hear some saying it now – I don’t have time.  Me neither!  But I do it!

btw… don’t forget to go to church this Sunday, and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)!


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