Free Bird

In the Lord I put my trust; how can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain?” -Psalm 11:1

David is hearing “another voice”.  It is not the voice of his conscience.  it is not the voice of God.  David hears the whisperings of the Evil One.  His conversation is simply, “I have put my trust in God, how can I listen to you?”  

In our day, we run to and fro on the earth, seeking to fulfill that expectation of life (or at least of other humans), and all the while, missing out on the reality of life (especially of life in Christ Jesus).  We get frustrated, even angry… we would love nothing more than for some complete stranger to tick us off, just to give us an excuse to haul off and punch in them nose (or whatever ladies do when they get mad).  

We WANT to trust in God.  We want to “build up” our “most holy faith” … but then …  there’s that voice!  The voice that tells us to throw in the towell.  The voice that tells us it’s not worth it.  The voice that says that no one even notices what you do … and on and on the voice continues.  You want to be FREE.  

You have a hidden mountain (really its just a heap – but you refer to it as your mountain).  You flee as a BIRD to your mountain – where no one can touch you, talk to you, or have access to your tortured soul.  You listen to the master of that mountain … the Mountain of Bitterness.  The master of the mountain, his name is Accuser – he accuses them, all of them, even God, even YOU!  You are not free, you are caught in a snare.  The fowler laughs … there is no way out!

David asks, “how can I?”  He will not go there.  He, instead, chooses to trust in His God.  Faith stands strong.  Faith will not listen to “those other voices” … but will only hear God.  Faith hears God through the Word, through preaching, in a song, in a conversation, in a book, in a movie, in a child’s laughter … faith hears God in an assortment of ways.  Faith knows.  

Faith knows God’s voice and hears it when it calls.  Faith is based on truth.  God’s truth. His truth sets us free.  Thus, the person of faith is indeed the FREE BIRD!


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