Religion, Reparations, and the Republic

Disclaimer: I admit, I could be wrong in my assessments here – I welcome discussion, as these are just thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head for the past several months…

I’ve been pondering American history of late.  Reexamining our path trodden.  I’ve come to understand that American Progressivism has led us down a dangerous and predictable road.  From the time of Teddy Roosevelt and then Woodrow Wilson, up to FDR, and the Bushes, Bill Clinton, and the current administration we have been led away from our “ancient landmarks”, as the psalmist calls them.  The three great subjects of our schools in America had as its foundation, our history, our faith, and our Constitution.  Since, the early Twentieth Century’s Progressive Movement, has effectively rewritten our history, ousted our God, and trampled our Constitution.  We are a nation without scruples.

Abraham Lincoln has always been a favorite president of mine.  That is, until these past few months as I have rethought what I know of him.  I had been taught, in my Midwestern hometown, the Civil War was about slavery.  I have since learned, by countless sources, that slavery was on its way out prior to the war.

I know that Charles G. Finney had to prod and prod to even get Lincoln to address the abolition of slavery.  When it became politically expedient the Civil War, which was in reality about State Sovereignty, suddenly became very concerned with the issue of freeing slaves.  A modern day example of this is the  current War with Iraq.  We did not go in to free thousands of Iraqis.  We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein led the International World to believe he had weapons of mass destruction.  I have no problem with the real reason, and I love the fact that we freed a people in bondage to a cruel dictator, but the truth is, they were just a tack-on.  As is the case with Lincoln and slavery.

It is no secret that Lincoln quoted the Bible often.  As a preacher of the gospel, I love that.  And yet, a closer look at Lincoln’s life reveals that he was a selective follower of the gospel.  He would pick and choose the parts he liked.  Rumor has it that he later made a true decision to follow Christ, of which I am hopeful.  The fact remains, Lincoln, as did later presidents, used religion to further their political ideals.

My point being, Lincoln might have served us better had he been honest in his dealings with slavery.  Perhaps an exit plan would have been in order.  If reparations were to be made, his day would have been the day to make that happen.  These men and women were uneducated, unemployed, and without property.  No wonder their ancestors lived in abject poverty for the next 100 years.  It’s only been within the last 50 years or so that the African American Community has begun to rise above the fray of slavery and build successful lives (and that is not to say that all have).  Unfortunately, reparations 150 years after the fact are not only not possible but inconceivable in the frame work of justice.

We have seen the deteriorating of the United States as a whole as State’s rights and Federal intrusions on our freedoms clash.  We have witnessed Government bailouts and even takeovers in a land where we never thought it possible.  We have seen a clever and not-so-covert attack by our Federal Government on our faith, our freedom, and the traditional family unit.  Perhaps, Lincoln’s win in the solidarity of the states preserved our nation as a whole, but in the long run, it may very well be our ruin.


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  1. Posted by Shaynee Turner on August 6, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    Wow, very impressive blog! Right on so many counts and very insightful.


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