The Master, The King, & The People

The Master wasn’t hated as much as there was just an air of distrust, or perhaps, distaste for his imminent reign in the village of Quandrum.  The folks liked the Master as long as he was uninvolved and they were left to themselves.  Then again, they would grow angry at him in those times when he wasn’t as involved as they felt he should be.  Truth is, they wanted a new king!

There was a deep desire that had been brewing inside of them for quite some time – the desire to be like the other villages and peoples they had heard grand and glorious things about from faraway lands.  They wanted a prince.  A superstar elite that was, at the same time, one of them.  Sure the Master had lived among them.  Sure the Master had provided for them in miraculous ways.  Sure the Master had heaped upon them a prosperity such as the world had never known.  But, now.  Now was the time for change – it was time to bring in a new king with a new idea to help usher in a new age!

He was tall, good looking, and he spoke well.  His smile flashed at them and the people of Quandrum were awestruck.  He could do no wrong.  The King would solve all of their problems.  The King would take care of them, meet their every need, be their one provision in all things pertaining to life.  Health, peace, and prosperity – leave it to the King!

Indeed, there was no need for the Master anymore.

Nehemiah 9:13-17


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