A Colorblind Society?

Is God really colorblind?  The Bible says that He is no respecter of persons.  The Bible even says, “there is no Jew”, “there is no Greek”, “there is no Gentile” in the sight of God.  So, perhaps.

But then, God did create the universe and all that is in it.  He didn’t create the worlds and leave them stark, bland, dull, or without life.  He gave us beautiful flowers, an assortment of trees, majestic mountains, oceans of seas, stunning sunsets, the faithful sunrise of the morning, a multiplicity of stars, and hundreds of thousands of snow flakes that each have their own individual and personal imprint.

The Bible says that He returns for the nation(s), plural.  The picture John the Revelator gives us is one of a fantastic Olympic-style parade and celebration.  It seems the nations will march in under one banner – that of Jesus Christ!  The truth is, there are true believers in Jesus all over the world.  The diverse ethnicity of the Kingdom of God started in Acts 2, carries on into our day, and will reign supreme for all of Eternity!  So, perhaps not.


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