Beauty and Light

In Your light we see light -King David (Psalm 37:9)

David contrasts man’s wickedness to God’s perfections. He shows that our evils are the opposite to God’s mercies. There is a great chasm between us and He. It’s in the light of His glory (even His Son)that man will find the light of life. Now, as a result, life takes on a certain brilliance in beauty – in us!

Brilliance! Flashes of glory! The Light of lights! A life with Jesus is to know His ever-increasing glory. It is to catch glimpses of His glory beyond the present glory in which you now know in Him. The Christian life truly is the good life. Thus, the true Christ-Follower’s countenance will shine forth the testament of His glory alive in them(think Stephen the Martyr).

So, we thank You Lord for causing us to see – for opening blinded eyes. We thank You for this ever-increasing glory that amazes us – day by day. For You alone are God – the Light of life – the brilliance of glory.

Use us, O Lord, to bring Your Light to the nations. Let Your Light shine forth! Establish Your people as a city on a hill – alighted with the fires of Your glory!



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