Generic Boxes & God

Anyone else feel like we’re back in the old U.S.S.R.?  Walmart has really thrown me for a loop with their return to the 70’s generic white boxes.  What sort of strategy is that?  They’re ugly, they’re plain, and the other guy (whoever makes the name brand of their generic) has much more appeal to my visual senses.

Before you judge me for being so childish to allow something as surface as a box to cloud my sound stewardship, remember this,…God likes variety. Just look around.  Note the vast assortments of differing flowers, grasses, and trees set against bright blue skies with little white clouds floating by.  Observe the animals that must’ve taken Adam a coon’s age to name in all of their species and sub-species varied from one grouping to the next.  He even created people of different colors, sizes, and shapes… speaking languages all their own.  Every snowflake is unique to itself.  All this to say, God is NOT a generic God and I am NOT a generic sorta’ guy.


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