Faith’s Fool

Faith is a fight down the narrow way.  Any one who says faith is “easy believism” has obviously never tried it.  As a matter of fact, to not have faith is an easy cop-out often leading to spiritualisms that are completely unfounded in Scripture and more romantic sentiment than truth.  I have seen faith at work.  Conversely, I have seen people take the “easy road” out and lose out.  I have witnessed bold saints of God fighting the fight of faith in desperate situations, and “I have never seen the righteous forsaken”!

In no way do I point an accusing finger at the person who believed for their miracle, and seemingly, lost out in their fight.  I know that here “we see through a glass darkly”.  I’m sure Joseph felt, many times, he was failing.  To the outsider looking in, Joseph was moving further and further away from his miracle.  And yet, he was in fact, moving closer.  Faith can fool you some of the time … and it will fail you, none of the time!


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