The WAY to Live!

“And yet the early church grew and grew and grew, even without intentional evangelistic strategy or ministry. How? By being the most attractive community in the Roman Empire. The early Christians rescued abandoned babies and raised them as their own. They gave dignified burials to all, regardless of economic status. They cared for the sick; instead of abandoning the cities in times of plague, they stayed and cared for the sick and dying, even if it meant their own deaths. It was said of the early Christians that ‘they alone know the right way to live.’ ”  -Alan Kreider

Billy Hornsby, president of ARC (Association of Related Churches), had this up on his blog. I found these words quite inspiring. Here was a church that stood unapologetically upon its principles. The early church was the church that represented light in the darkness. They lived what they preached. They refused to back down. They did not attack, but were attacked. They refused to judge or condemn, and yet, their lives stood as live ink (a living testimony) to the truth of God’s Word. They were “power” submitted to the Omnipotent God of all!

The early church sought out the hurting, the rejected, the despised. They took in widows and orphans. They valued the sanctity of life and they did something about it. They gave all and received more than any of us could possibly imagine in return. They died to self and came alive to Christ and to the world He died to reach. They inspired and they lived. The early church stood tall and in the trenches. They exemplified grace and mercy – Immanuel… God with/in us!

The early church didn’t have all “the stuff” we in the 21st Century Church have. These folks didn’t have ball teams. They didn’t have the best music. Their preachers were not all that polished. The Gospel was not mass-produced. There were not endless titles of Christian books/ cd’s/ dvd’s made to enhance their spiritual walks made readily available to them at their corner Christian bookstore. They lacked so many of the resources we have made available to us today. They endured endless persecutions and ridicule. They died daily. And Yet, it was said of them, “they alone know the right way to live.”

No wonder they were called, “the WAY”!


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