The Lamb is worthy

The reward of His suffering

Sing He is worthy

Toward the One True God-King!

Jesus! Jesus! You are worthy!

Our hands be raised to You!

Jesus! Jesus! My Lord and King

We extol our praise alone to You!

To sail in faith the oceans blue

Forsaking all to follow You

Bondservant and Love-slave I will be

Declaring in me Your present glory!

The Holy Lamb for me was slain

Where His death to life is for our gain

For there is indeed hope in a tree

Through Calvary’s cross of victory!

To sing a hundred years for You

Our praise immersed in tears for You

As children laugh and play while seas do part

Teach us Lord to pray and touch Your heart!

Oh love of mine that will not die

Explore the depths, the riches, and the heights

As we give our all and all to thee

Most Holy Lamb of God’s glory!

Hear the children cry…

Hear the children cry…

Hear the children cry…

History: The Moravian Brethren were the first to send out missionaries, thus fathering the modern missions movement!  Two young men sold themselves into slavery, as they sailed off over the horizon, they lifted hands up high and exclaimed, “May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!”

These same Moravians sparked a 100 year prayer meeting in Germany!  Their children were playing near the church and eventually went inside.  Someone decided it would be good to play church. However, what was play became real!  Hours later their parents found them caught up in His glory.

Thus, The Song of the Moravians!


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