Louder Than Words

Our little boy is five years old and has difficulty speaking.  He understands others but has difficulty expressing himself.  It is sometimes painful to watch him try and interact with other children his age, only to be misunderstood or ignored.  I don’t blame the children – they are only kids after all. He gets frustrated even with us, when we cannot understand what he’s trying to say. There is nothing more precious in hearing an occasional coherent word, expression, or sentence from our little guy.  We value and cherish each word. We love him with all our heart and would never trade him for anything or anyone  and we are so proud of him as he overcomes one obstacle after another.  He’s a great little guy who’s taught his parents a thing or two about life.

Even as a baby he showed a remarkable ability to reach out and touch someone’s heart without ever saying a word.  An elderly and recently widowed lady holding him as he smiled at her said she felt God had touched her.  A lady at Cracker Barrel stopped and gave him a dollar exclaiming that he had smiled at her and she knew everything in her life was going to be alright.  A standoffish relative who suddenly felt compelled to do nice things for him because he had stolen his heart.  A lonely night in our living room when his Papa and Nana gave us the news that Nana had cancer and it was serious, where he just stared in her eyes with an intense stare before she had even uttered a word.  A dark day of ministry when I felt like giving up, when he crawled up in my lap and smiled at me, and I remembered why it is I do what I do.  The day we were in the hospital and he had wires hooked to him as his Mama sang “This Little Light of Mine” and he held one little finger out from under the protective sleeve on his hand in the air and twirled it around. On and on I could go.

All told, I can honestly and without reservation, say, sometimes a life lived honestly and purely before our God  can be louder than words!  A heartfelt thanks goes to our lil’ guy for speaking that to me.  God bless!


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