The New Creation in You

As life tends to turn many ways, topsy turvey, winds and bends, up hills and then down into valleys; we find that our being is shaped into personhood… real personhood. Somehow, with (or without) the help of God, we become who we are. I mean, we are born with a special DNA, a make-up of who we genuinely are. That said, we are also involved in a “becoming”. Events in our lives, people we grow up with, associations along the way… all make up the personhood of a human being.

And then, there is God! He alters it all in the name of “salvation”. He doesn’t toss the “you” of your humanity into the waste can of eternal nothingness, but He reshapes, He remolds, He takes the “you” you know and makes a new “you”. You are still with your personhood – but you are different. You are a new creation! And the new “you” is the real you – the “you” you were intended to be all along!

Take heart dear Christian, God is alive in you!


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