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“If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” -Jesus (Luke 9:23)

Desire.  “Desire” is the drive of life.  Jesus uses the word “desire” in relation to discipleship.  His fervent desire is that we desire Him.

Deny. “Desire” overrides self.  When I truly desire a thing, I run after it.  To deny oneself to reach a desired end is a common practice throughout the history of humanity.  If I “desire” I “deny”.

Take up his cross. “Desire” takes up suffering and sacrifice.  I will give up other things of great value in order to see “desire” fulfilled.  I will lay down my life for “desire” if “desire” is big enough.

Daily.  “Desire” is a daily passionate pursuit.  Desire takes over your thought life.  Desire is all-consuming.  You wake up with desire.  You live life full of desire.

Follow Me. Jesus is the object of the greatest desire known to man. Follow Him and see “desire” cast in a whole new light. Come, live a brand new way with Jesus, the Desire of Nations!