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Still Small Roar

In the kingdom of ideas lived a word.
The word was unspoken in real-world language, not through mere ignorance, but through inability to contain it. . .

One day the word was spoken.
In a whisper.

– Joseph Bayly A Voice in the Wilderness



The Lamb is worthy

The reward of His suffering

Sing He is worthy

Toward the One True God-King!

Jesus! Jesus! You are worthy!

Our hands be raised to You!

Jesus! Jesus! My Lord and King

We extol our praise alone to You!

To sail in faith the oceans blue

Forsaking all to follow You

Bondservant and Love-slave I will be

Declaring in me Your present glory!

The Holy Lamb for me was slain

Where His death to life is for our gain

For there is indeed hope in a tree

Through Calvary’s cross of victory!

To sing a hundred years for You

Our praise immersed in tears for You

As children laugh and play while seas do part

Teach us Lord to pray and touch Your heart!

Oh love of mine that will not die

Explore the depths, the riches, and the heights

As we give our all and all to thee

Most Holy Lamb of God’s glory!

Hear the children cry…

Hear the children cry…

Hear the children cry…

History: The Moravian Brethren were the first to send out missionaries, thus fathering the modern missions movement!  Two young men sold themselves into slavery, as they sailed off over the horizon, they lifted hands up high and exclaimed, “May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!”

These same Moravians sparked a 100 year prayer meeting in Germany!  Their children were playing near the church and eventually went inside.  Someone decided it would be good to play church. However, what was play became real!  Hours later their parents found them caught up in His glory.

Thus, The Song of the Moravians!

Once An Arafat Man: A Book Review

Taysir Abu Saada, or Tass, as he is commonly known in the states today, is a a twenty-first
century Apostle Paul. In his excellent book,“Once An Arafat Man”, Tass recounts the true story
of an angry Palestinian who hated Jews and Christians. He felt it his personal destiny to be the
“butcher” that cut these infidels out of the human story. With a radical passion for the eradication
of Christians and Jews and a sincere desire to win back Palestine for his people, Tass believed Allah
smiled approvingly as he relentlessly hunted down the enemies of the Palestinian people. Tass was
anall-or-nothing kind of guy – just like the Saul of the Bible who “breathed murderous threats”
toward a people he hated.
Through an incredible series of events, Tass, finds Jesus in Kansas City – a bright light, a voice,
and a change of heart (sounds an awful lot like the Apostle Paul to me). In the same manner as
his Arafat days – Tass approaches his new found relationship with Christ with a reckless abandon.
He finds himself on an assortment of dangerous missionary journeys – and watches in awe as his
God made a way when there was no way.
Incredibly, Tass then becomes an adamant supporter of Israel, while at the same time, having a
heart for his own people’s devastation in the Gaza Strip. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
Tass and his wife, Karen, founded an adventurous ministry, “Hope for Ishmael”.In the First
Century, the Apostle Paul had to convince the church that Jesus loved the Gentiles, and now,
2000 years later, Tass reminds the Gentiles that God still loves Isaac and Ishmael too!

“Once an Arafat Man” is action-packed, compassionately generous, and ever insightful.
Tass captures the essence of personal change – that only Jesus can pull off – and, the best
part is, you are invited to go along for the ride with him. I would highly recommend this book
to all – to followers of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam; this book was written for you – and
you might just find that it changes your life.

Rallies, Strategies, & the Holy Spirit

So the king of Israel went with the king of Judah and the king of Edom, and they marched on that roundabout route seven days; and there was no water for the army, nor for the animals that followed them. -2Kings 3:9

King Jehoram knew how to rally the troops. As a matter of fact he managed to land King Jehoshaphat and the King of Edom to fight on his behalf. King Jehoram even had a fail-proof strategy – to march his three-kingdom army through the badlands of Edom and stage a surprise attack. But King Jehoram forgot the water. In the middle of a desert land – he forgot the water.

Scripturally, “water” is emblematic of blessing, baptism, salvation, prosperity, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God. For the Christian to forget the water – is a serious thing. The other two (rallies and strategies) are a necessary part of the spiritual battle to which we are called – but we must not forget the water.

When you have no more faith to muster up

Communal faith. Communal strength. Communal prayer. When one is down – another is up. When I feel beaten down from every enemy known to man – then man (my brothers and sisters) stands in for me.Yes, the church may be flawed – but when it comes right down to it – it’s still nice to belong!

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world— our faith. -I John 5:4

Faith’s Fool

Faith is a fight down the narrow way.  Any one who says faith is “easy believism” has obviously never tried it.  As a matter of fact, to not have faith is an easy cop-out often leading to spiritualisms that are completely unfounded in Scripture and more romantic sentiment than truth.  I have seen faith at work.  Conversely, I have seen people take the “easy road” out and lose out.  I have witnessed bold saints of God fighting the fight of faith in desperate situations, and “I have never seen the righteous forsaken”!

In no way do I point an accusing finger at the person who believed for their miracle, and seemingly, lost out in their fight.  I know that here “we see through a glass darkly”.  I’m sure Joseph felt, many times, he was failing.  To the outsider looking in, Joseph was moving further and further away from his miracle.  And yet, he was in fact, moving closer.  Faith can fool you some of the time … and it will fail you, none of the time!

Beauty and Light

In Your light we see light -King David (Psalm 37:9)

David contrasts man’s wickedness to God’s perfections. He shows that our evils are the opposite to God’s mercies. There is a great chasm between us and He. It’s in the light of His glory (even His Son)that man will find the light of life. Now, as a result, life takes on a certain brilliance in beauty – in us!

Brilliance! Flashes of glory! The Light of lights! A life with Jesus is to know His ever-increasing glory. It is to catch glimpses of His glory beyond the present glory in which you now know in Him. The Christian life truly is the good life. Thus, the true Christ-Follower’s countenance will shine forth the testament of His glory alive in them(think Stephen the Martyr).

So, we thank You Lord for causing us to see – for opening blinded eyes. We thank You for this ever-increasing glory that amazes us – day by day. For You alone are God – the Light of life – the brilliance of glory.

Use us, O Lord, to bring Your Light to the nations. Let Your Light shine forth! Establish Your people as a city on a hill – alighted with the fires of Your glory!